See How to Use The Online Stair Builder

See a quick tutorial on how to navigate our online building tool! Keep in mind all measurements are either vertical or horizontal. Many people think that the slope or angle of the stair is important in the measuring process. It isn’t. The Total Rise and Total Run of the stair will dictate the slope of angle of your staircase. Read more..

Learn How To Install A Basic Prefabricated Staircase

first make sure you some have help in getting the staircase into place. if your walls are not already covered by sheetrock or a wall covering, put some spacers in place. these should be same thickness as your sheetrock.

Set the horns or horn onto the second floor or platform. Push the stair tight to the spacers. Make sure your top riser follows your top floor or platform. Feel free to adjust if needed. Once good, screw the top riser into the header. It is generally best to pre-drill. Now your stairs should be sitting nice and level.Read more..

How Do I Recieve and Install My Prefabricated Staircase

after you’ve ordered your staircase from discount quality stairs, the next step will be receiving them and setting them up in your home. here’s what you need to know about installing your new staircase.

By their nature, stairs are heavy. On average, a set of stairs weighs three hundred pounds or more. Have at least three able bodied friends to help you when you accept the delivery and install the staircase. We can ship via UPS Freight, and they will contact you to arrange a delivery time. However they are shipped; keep in contact with your local branch of the freight company to arrange a convenient delivery day.Read more..

Why Order Prefabricated Stairs ? When I Can Get My Stairs Built Locally

right about now, you may be thinking, “sure, i need a new staircase, but why should i order it through discount quality stairs, when i can hire a local craftsman?”

That’s a great question. When hiring a contractor, you will still need to purchase materials from stores like a Home Depot or Lowes. You’ll have to pay for the labor, and pay for time spent on any problems that may arise. You may find a great craftsman, or you may not. Chances are, this will all cost you just as much or more than purchasing your stairs online.Read more.

What Happens After I Order my Prefabricated Wood Staircase

2019年云南双色球中奖地方once you’ve designed and ordered your staircase from discount quality stairs, what happens next? what part do you play, and what goes on behind the scenes?

DQS starts to work on your staircase, and keeps you in the loop during the entire process. First, we send you an email confirming your order. Just four hours later, we email you a drawing of the stairs that you designed. We also ask for any clarifications we may need. You are then able to review the drawing and let us know if you need any changes. Once you’ve let us know that you’re satisfied, we put the stairs into production.Read more.