Wood Types

  • Red Oak:

    2019年云南双色球中奖地方a beautiful reddish brown, hardwood which is fast growing and high in value. our most popular hardwood. excellent for staining or simply clear coating to reveal its natural beauty.

  • Poplar:

    2019年云南双色球中奖地方a great hardwood for painting. seldom has knots, is somewhat greenish in color. very economical.

  • Primed Material:

    the name says it all. save yourself the headaches of priming. we offer risers and stringers in pre-primed material. the stringers are a lvl product, offering excelling strength and stability. risers are pine.

  • Engineered Pine:

    2019年云南双色球中奖地方when it comes to entry level softwood stairs the best choice is pine. pine has sap pockets, knots and is quite grainy. for these reasons we have invested in engineered pine treads to be used on all pine staircases ordered. the risers and stringers are solid pine.

  • Other:

    2019年云南双色球中奖地方looking for african zebra wood or any other exotic wood to build your stairs from? no problem. contact us and we will be glad to source your material and offer pricing on a pre-assembled or “knocked down” staircase.


The alternating tread space saver stair from Discount Quality Stairs2019年云南双色球中奖地方 is a unique and stylish solution for narrow and shallow access areas.

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